SFT Audio Chat

Are you a participant of the KakaoTalk Language Exchange group chat "Soju Fueled Talk"? Join us on weekly audio chats to practice your Korean (or English)!

Slot 1: Saturdays 10am Montreal (EST), 3pm London, 11pm Seoul
Slot 2: Saturdays 7pm Montreal/La Paz, midnight London, Sunday 8am Seoul

Why? What are we gonna do?
For fun! Not sure what we'll do, but over a couple audio chat sessions we'll try to find an easy activity in which everyone can participate and can help us practice our speaking and listening skills for each our our respective learning languages.

How does it work?
It's group audio chat. Follow the instructions on the right, then join the chat at the above hours. Once you join, the mic will work in either "voice detection mode" or "press key mode". Default is voice detection. You talk, the mic turns on, and people hear you. The software (especially the installable software) is pretty good at keeping echo away, even if you are not wearing a headset. There is no video chat component to this application. (Picking a solution with no video option was an intentional choice, to make participants feel safer using it)

12257703891786297511Peileppe_Taniael_Chibi.svg.medI'm not part of the SFT kakaotalk chat
No problemo. Message ice cream fairy!


  1. Discord chat works on any computer browser with no installation. But if you have problems with sound quality, try installing the application, which is more stable. Link: Windows, Mac OS X
  2. Using it on your smartphone? If you have the choice between a smartphone and computer, try the computer - less likely to crash/have bugs.
  3. Try restarting your computer!
  4. Look at your computer's volume settings

Connecting on a smartphone

  1. Install the Discord App on Android or iPhone
  2. Follow on-screen steps 
  3. Copy this invitation code: YxdFJZd (link)
  4. Open the menu on Discord and click the + sign in the menu
  5. Paste the invitation code and Join
  6. Open the Menu and click English-Text, and "English Audio"

Connecting in a computer

  1. You will need a mic/speaker or a headset
  2. Visit this link
  3. Enter the name that you want others to see while talking
  4. Click English-Text
  5. Click "English Audio"
  6. Click on the Mic icon on the bottom left to unmute yourself.
  7. Ready to start!