briefs on movie ads

i went to see national treasure, got the wrong room, saw darkness, and got to talk with a cute girl at the bus stop about the stupidity of overlooking cinema room numbers. she asked me if she should go over her place or her moms (huh?) and left.

well done, yongho

the movie was not really worth it, and now the ticket selling guy and the girl know about it.

ads.. the first ad was a damned MARINES RECRUITMENT PSA!!! omg, i’ve never seen the army send out a psa at the movies, ever, in my four years at the u.s. they gotta be real low on reclutas.

anyway, next was ikea, and a remarkable catchphrase was “it’s about time [to buy stuff]”. i heard “we really want you to buy our stuff, cuz we’re in some big financial trouble”.

then there was some coke ad using the images of “breaking” as some suburban yuppie lifestyle. i think they were doing head spins and stuff. ha ha.

that’s it for briefs on movies.






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