Yongho in arduous effort of explaining a 4th year girl how to solve the 1/4 inch on a map = 1 mile,

then 1 and 3/4 inch = how many miles? problem.

Me: So, let’s draw a map. See, take the pen and draw a map.. something random like… *cough* South America *cough*
Girl draws straight lines.
Girl: So this is my room, here is my mom’s room, and this is the living,
Me: What about doors? You gotta get into them somehow.
Girl: Ow! (Draws doors)
Me: Okay so let’s imagine somebody else is seeing your map. And he’s like, wondering, “Hmm, this is an interesting house. I won’t how large is La’Danye’s room?”
No response from Girl.
Me: So this guy is trying to bring the poster [a large penciled paper poster with an eagle picture] into your room. And he doesn’t know whether this will fit or not, because on the longer side of your walls there is a window.
Girl: Oh but my room is not that small.
Me: Well mine’s like… one, two, three, seven feet times eleven feets. And there’s a window on the long side. So I need to know exactly how wide it is.
Girl: You can put it on the floor.
Me: No! It might get dirty.
Girl: What about the roof.
Me: You know, it’s kinda hard to stick it on the roof…
Girl: Oh but you can paste it on the bathroom walls, and the kitchen, and living room, and..
Me: I don’t have a bathroom.
Girl is amazed.
Me: I mean.. there’s a bathroom, but it’s for everybody in my floor. I live at my school, and we got tiny rooms, but there’s no bathroom for everybody, you know.
Girl: Why do you live at school? Why not live at home with your parents?








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  1. HappyCow

    How cute.

  2. oi, it’s supposed to hurt…

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