busing to riverside, ca

whoa. not sleeping the whole day. packing as a pro and running away of home at 4:40. exciting. well, I wasn’t asleep at the beginning at least.

my aunt no longer tolerates me, and I completely ignore the reason. if I had to guess, I’d say because I’ve been using internet (therefore the phone) at hours I shouldn’t have been, and that I don’t help much in the housekeeping endeavors, indeed I disorder it by keeping food out of the refrigerator and forgetting to close the front door when I come back home.

well, the fact I was moving wasn’t a big stuff, anyways I could always use the public transportation to move around. the thing is, I asked my uncle where the house was so I could reach it by bus, and he scolded me by being so ignorant and assured me “there is no bus nearby”. Well, I’m pretty sure I saw a route quasi direct to 30 minutes walking distance of Perris. I’m a reed wannabe. I can at least try, can’t I? I got my gomo’s phone number and looked it up in the white pages.unfortunately, it was before I updated my system (win2k… yay!) so the cache is not there anymore and some dumb hackers put some porno on the socal website so the transtar cgi is down for a while. just when I needed it! anyways, I remember some parts of that suggested trip, so I decided I would do it a pu y letra. I worked all night downloading win2k sp2 and packing stuff into the luggage, and preparing my personal trip package. my backpack and my old good red backpack. i had not much to pack, just my notebook, chem book and clothes. i just need to stay at riverside for 10 days, no big deal.

at 4:40 am, I finished everything and silently took my two backpacks, hided the luggage behind the closet, made my bed (I think I haven’t done it since two or three months), closed my room and went out to the fresh air. the first octa 38 bus was coming out at 5:16. I had the exact time I needed, so I headed to del amo blvd. then I thought it would be too cruel for my aunt to see the room so desolated. I went back, reorganized the room so it wouldn’t be so easy to tell I had left, put some silly stuff on the desk so it looked dizzy, and retook my footsteps. when I reacher del amo x norwalk, I saw the 38 passing in front of my eyes. too bad, we’ll wait for the next one.

the trip was quite a success, I transferred to the 167 and rta 149 and rta 27 without major problems, I just asked people around to advise me as to how to get into that isolated area. then I dropped off by 4th and wilmaker. there arose my first and invincible barrier.

there was no such thing as a perris bus. there was no regular trips to finch x rolling meadows. the DAR was an acronym for dial a ride, which had to be done with one day in advance, and to make it worse, they never did it so far. there was no taxi in the perris area. my gomo’s phone answer machine had the monopoly over the line. it was so damn hot there. fortunately water and chocolate didn’t seem affected -they were well packed-, smart me ]:) bringing the notebook in the backpack proved pretty useful, I had the maps in hand all the time, but my problem was not logical – it w3as physical. I wasn’t sure about the exact number, but I had to make at least 15 miles of hot desert, no stores, no water, by foot. no way, sir. At least, not with my 30kg-worth backpackI lounged around a little bit. There was a really nice man who helped me a lot in my efforts to find out a transportation to finch dr. He had to leave when his bus arrived, though. Those unfriendly taxi cab operators! There I met this interesting mestizo dude.

I went into the building because there was AC in there – I didn’t want my chocolates to melt down yet. He seemed very concerned by the fact that I didn’t know the people there, and yet managed to sneak into the facility. He said his father was a german and a native american (now I can’t remember the tribe’s name) and her mother was a mix of german and some other native american tribe. Then we talked about race. He seemed very afraid about saying aloud the fact that he was native american. Well, all I knew about them besides the concentrations of the 1800s was the affirmative action, so I told him about it. But don’t native american receive so many privileges, because there’re so few of them? He had the opposite opinion, he held out that they were persecuted and caged in indian concentrations. He also held that asians were smarter, esp. in math – something I strongly disagree, I believe we’re just well-trained puppies. In fact, I’m an ace in subjects I have been taught forehand, but when I began calculus, a subject I hadn’t seen at my personal classes, it went horrible. His face began resembling those of a certain sort of latins I know from Chile, and I stopped trusting him. I tried a few times.

Exhausted and worried that I might not get a bus back to home if I stayed there any longer, I walked ove rmy steps. The return was painless yet time-consuming. Known routes, repetitive situations, need of a brujula. What a waste of time and money. I finally realized the kind of trash I’m eating for the outrageous price of 1200 pesos an ounce. Dang malls. Where do the poor people eat out? There’re so many accomodations for disabled & handicaped people, isn’t the lack of funds a handicap too?

In the spirit of the positive thouht, let’s resume this in an unproductive, unempirical, useless manner: it was a delightful journey. It made me think, unlike the TV, though.

i’m going to release this stress watching the original sin.






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