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me. The Defects and Imperfections of my School

news. Macalester College Trustees Approve Financial Aid Changes

I’ve been afraid of actually implementing (or advising for) change, wherever I belonged. When I wrote the harsh (and well founded, to my immediate experiences at least) critique of high school education, my teachers discussed it in the faculty meeting and brought it back to me enthusiastic about new opportunities and seeking for advice on how to improve upon it. (How do you foster creatvitiy?) Back then, I was shocked/afraid of their reaction. My critique was an angry rant at a very real social fact. Why are our 40 hours/week of high school life draining to waste? Because you chop off their creativity, I said. How do you encourage it? I don’t know.

Criticizing institutions close to yourself (family, school, work) is a dilemmatic choice. There’s more meat you can slash at, but because it’s a bilateral relationship, you also owe things to them. Last year, late at the DNBAM, I started feeling a deep guilt towards my own academic performance (read: low grades – or, 1.5 GPA) and my activism. Can I really criticize the institution at which I am doing poorly? If someone says, “oh, but you’re just making a big fuzz to avoid tihnking about how you suck at classes”, isn’t she right?






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