on the digital divide – are tech trainin…

on the digital divide – are tech trainings useful? Lots of tech trainings just swamp information without a theoretical framework at the learner, and their typical response is “oh, this is so confusing”. Their conclusion? “Maybe I shouldn’t touch this”.

however, is that how techies grew up absorbing tech? we researched on our own pace, made up our own theories, and learned got get a tact for the health of the hard drive from its noise out of a deductive process.

sure, the old days of teaching math formulas on a whiteboard to high school kids interested in programming have their shortcomings, but some balance ought to be found between practice and theory.. or non-techies will be depending on techies or pay tech consultants FOREVER.

techies, do you want to happen? probably not. do you have the time to fix this? again, probably not.

consultants, your job is to fix this. you have the time. do you want this situation to be perpetuated? well, that’s an interesting question…





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