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  • movements, notes. capitalism

    class notes. jan 31. freedom movements fr nights, Golden town Mapantsula visual imagery thrown out of the window Themba “John” speaking Afrikaans english had subtitles (also aimed at non-english speaking native audience) 1976 Soweto’s school students boycott Afrikaans language Afrikaans develops not to be understood by masters? but why don’t they speak it then? violence […]

  • Class Notes. movements. Introduction

    class notes, Freedom Movements January 24, 2005 -SNVC (?) we are reading M.L.King and N.Mandela, not because they are everything that their respective movements represented, but in order to get an initial idea of what the main body of texts “representative” in public discourse of the movements is about. That way it is possible to […]

  • Personality Assessment Assignment

    Yong Ho Kim, April 29th 2003 1. What are some criticisms of trait theory in general? Possible criticisms include that subjects can falsify answers because the result of a personality test can be personally important to them, that very often the questions are culture-specific, and that subjects across different cultures don’t necessarily present the same […]