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    i dreamt there were zombies attacking us. it’s strange because this night i was well equipped, with both a heater running and the electric mat. so no cold air induced nightmares were supposed to pop up. well the zombies were attacking us, and at some point me and some other people had the role of a rescue team, so we smashed into the school office style room shooting guns, and killed some of the zombies. they were so fast, they were kind of like velociraptors from jurassic park. and slowly they morphed into them over time. there was a metallic cabinet on the right corner. it was semi-open. some of the team crew were approaching it, and i told them to hold off, and opened it from a distance by kicking the door. there was a strange saliva hanging inside the cabinet. then the zombiraptor dropped down from a space above that wasn’t visible from outside the cabinet, and assaulted a civilian to my left. i couldn’t shoot at it, as it was too close, and grabbed a hammer and hit the zombieraptor in the head while it was desecrating the civilian live. i managed to kill the zombieraptor but i think one of the last few blows also killed the civilian, as its head was right behind the zombieraptor’s hocico. then i woke up. phew, scary.

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    #nptech #n2la ok folks, most online tools are designed to be self-teachable. if all those on-the-site pointers and #RTFM are insufficient and you need a “training” before moving a finger on an online tool, maybe you just aren’t smart enough.

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    Unimpressed with the HTC EVO 4G tested at a Sprint store:

    1. It’s slow in all the annoying spots that Droid 1 is slow at. Gallery, opening message and phonebook, camera. Even with the 2.2 update. One speed improvement: adding an app to the main screen.

    2. It’s too wide for me to grasp. Can’t text while biking.

    3. The phone suddenly lost all signal – the bars were there, but nothing was downloading (was trying to install Google Earth) The sprint tech dude said “ok, this will need a restart”, implying that it happens often.

    One thing I really want is the Sense UI, not because it’s pretty, but because it has flawless Flickr integration. All Flickr solutions out there – both Free ones and many paid ones – suck big time. Come on folks, Picasa is long dead. Who uses that anymore?

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    same circuit:

    computer outlet
    A/C outlet
    bedside (north) outlet
    fridge outlet

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    Funny how in 2006 I came up with a rally outreach ROI sheet, and people thought it was too mechanical. Now an outside expert comes in with a similar idea and gets all the credibility.

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    How to take your bike from Los Angeles to Fair Oaks on the train 

    bike sacramento Quick note for poor souls like myself seeking to make a SoCal->NorCal biking trip:

    So yes, you can place your bike in the in-train bike rack, as well as the cargo area of the bus (contrary to what Amtrak customer reps will tell you) without boxing it. There are some elements of uncertainty, however.

    Option 1: Carrying the bike with you

    1. Purchase your ticket

    2. Go to the Los Angeles Union Station, and print your ticket from one of the vending machines using your confirmation code.

    3. Await the train in line with your bike.

    bike sacramento 2010-06-29 18.02.48


    4. When boarding starts, seek the car with the bike racks on them. During my OAK->SAC trip, the car was the last one. Can’t remember position of the LAX->OAK one.. I think it was about the third from the bottom.
    (More …)

    • Yongho Kim 5:00 am on February 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Update: now in order to use the bike racks on Amtrak trains, you need to reserve them in advance of time online.. at the Amtrak website..? I guess? If you didn’t reserve, and there is no dearth of bike racks on the train, the train officers will make constipated faces but will generally let you go. I Think MetroLink doesn’t care. Or it’s the other way around.

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