Unimpressed with the HTC EVO 4G tested a…

Unimpressed with the HTC EVO 4G tested at a Sprint store:

1. It’s slow in all the annoying spots that Droid 1 is slow at. Gallery, opening message and phonebook, camera. Even with the 2.2 update. One speed improvement: adding an app to the main screen.

2. It’s too wide for me to grasp. Can’t text while biking.

3. The phone suddenly lost all signal – the bars were there, but nothing was downloading (was trying to install Google Earth) The sprint tech dude said “ok, this will need a restart”, implying that it happens often.

One thing I really want is the Sense UI, not because it’s pretty, but because it has flawless Flickr integration. All Flickr solutions out there – both Free ones and many paid ones – suck big time. Come on folks, Picasa is long dead. Who uses that anymore?


How to take your bike from Los Angeles to Fair Oaks on the train

bike sacramento Quick note for poor souls like myself seeking to make a SoCal->NorCal biking trip:

So yes, you can place your bike in the in-train bike rack, as well as the cargo area of the bus (contrary to what Amtrak customer reps will tell you) without boxing it. There are some elements of uncertainty, however.

Option 1: Carrying the bike with you

1. Purchase your ticket

2. Go to the Los Angeles Union Station, and print your ticket from one of the vending machines using your confirmation code.

3. Await the train in line with your bike.

bike sacramento 2010-06-29 18.02.48


4. When boarding starts, seek the car with the bike racks on them. During my OAK->SAC trip, the car was the last one. Can’t remember position of the LAX->OAK one.. I think it was about the third from the bottom.


Facebook fan page is such a great pedagogical tool #h8f8

It’s great as a teaching tool. If you can’t learn on your first attempt about how much facebook fan pages suck, you’re led to it through a carefully designed learning track of repetition.


Plan: LA to Fair Oaks via Bike and Train

train approaching” by Andrew Ciscel
  1. Bike or Bus to Los Angeles Union Station (LAX).
    6/25 F 5:30-6:00pm
    Free or $2.50
  2. Take the 785 Pacific Surfliner from LAX to SBA
    3 bike racks available
  3. Take the 4785 Bus from SBA to OKJ
    9:45pm- 6/26 5:55am
    Store bike on lower cargo compartment
  4. Take the 720 Capitol Corridor from OKJ to SAC
    6/26 Sa 7:20-9:18am
    3 bike racks available

the personal story appeal and 진정성

A funny thing at u.s. social justice orgs is the recent trend towards the personal.. strikingly similar to the politics of 진정성 in south korea. But in korea this approach was deemed a liberal failed agitational device that didn’t really bring about change in the consciousness of the people-passion without a clear objective. People who were looked at this approach with skepticism are calling for a return to politics proper and class rhetoric that addresses everyday concerns of poor people.

english techie

Windows 7 and Ubuntu on HP Firebird 802

2009-12-24 21.02.25

Overall, setting up a Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux dual boot on the HP Firebird with VoodooDNA 802 was a breeze.

Some observations about this desktop:

  • So QUIET! It ranges from 10 dB (extremely quiet) to 30 dB (quiet room – my EeePc 901’s fan are this quiet), and you can sleep with it on. The internal HDD does not make any noise.
  • Surprisingly, the bundled mouse and keyboard’s USB receiver seems to work natively with the computer, regardless of whether it’s the command prompt, Linux, or whatever. Nice.
  • When I saw the 2.5 dual HDD were 5400 RPM I thought of getting an Intel 25M 80G SSD but so far it runs pretty well and SSDs may see drastic price drops over the next few years so I’m postponing that a year or two.