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    The Deep Future: Crash Course Big History #10

    Watch this video on YouTube.

    One dissipating point of Crash Course Big History: The Deep Future is how, despite being assured that it’s very, very, very, unvisualizably far away, trilliion trillion trillion…. trliion years doesn’t sound like THAT much of time – especially when you write it as “10 to the power of 100”. Like, if a consciousness was immortal, it would just sit around for a long time, and wait patiently, and poof we would be there, like at the end of a long road trip, say from Arica to Punta Arenas. It probably speaks to how efficient the logarithmic notation is at zooming out quasi-infinite amounts into a speck of information. (The notation). I’m surprised that amount of time can even be represented in earth years, as opposed to, were it to exist, the time dimension’s equivalent of “light years” for space.

    I’ve seen those videos that represent the 7,000 years of known history into a moving map’s representation of territories controlled by various human polities. It’s interesting, but 7,000 years represented in this way is not that long. It would be helpful if the 10^100 year thing was represented visually as a very fast spinning of the earth, where in each frame we can see a portion of the earth (a sixth of the sphere added to the sight in each frame maybe?), and we stare into the thing for.. i don’t know, 500 hours? 50,000 hours? split into videos of 10 hours each (YouTube’s length limit) to better represent the idea of “the amount of time after which some scientists predict matter will start slowly decaying.. headed to a heat death of the universe”

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    i remember when my digital program coach asked what inspires me to continue to do the work. what i described was 100% field organizing, which was throwing us off the curve because we thought we would find language that described my current focus, data and automation. well, there’s inspiring, then there’s fun. if for some reason inspiring and fun became a dichotomy, i’d always choose fun.

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    Watching The Daily Show on YouTube is a real pain in the ass. I usually skimp on the show for a few days, then do a mini marathon of the 2-10 min clips. The problem is, there is no playlist to run just the ones I didn’t watch (like there would be with Hulu), so I need to click on each those tiny 3 min vids, and then when it’s over, click on another one. If I let autoplay take control, it plays a few Daily Show vids, and then it jumps to a Late Night or Late Show vid. Seth Myers is a nice guy, but I don’t want to watch his face. I want to watch Trevor Noah’s face. It’s hard having nice things when getting TV for free.

    Good thing they finally normalized the intro and outro cutscene BGM volume level to be in tune with the main program, after like 3 years.

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    “Trump cancelled DACA to shock congress and help undocumented young people”

    Yeah right, says who? People who were lucky enough to have their DACA work authorizations expire *after* March 2018 and haven’t lost their jobs. You think you can just show up in the same workplace in 6 months and expect to be automatically re-hired? Really taking care of other people in the line of thought right there.

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    i had some light fever yesterday, and was given oscillococcinum (anas barbariae) by a colleague. It was unusual looking (dust in a tube), so I googled it, and found the above wikipedia entry. I said thanks but no thanks. Instead of ingesting some sugar and hoping it acts on the virus, I’ll get plain old traditional western medicine.

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    Reddit always has the best jokes 

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