Hi, my name is Yongho Kim, and this is my personal website.

I work with groups in the social justice sector on voter engagement, design and websites.

I participate in the online project FemiWiki, which seeks to counter anti-feminist narratives that have been dominating the Korean language internet, by being a “Wikipedia” of the progressive sector. The site is mostly in Korean but also slowly building an English language section.

I run a website in Spanish providing tips about Korean language learning – Aigo Coreano. I started the project to preserve my Spanish language skills.

A photoblog.

  • Keyboard Tray
    I remember around 12 years ago, I slowly started having more and more shoulder and back pain.
  • Nothing to do
    I was thinking last year that there was a bit of a personal journey for me in the turbulent progression of events that led to our mass departure from KRC two years ago. And that might have started in a protest march on January 19, 2019.
    I was talking with my parents about some difficulties at work last night, […]
  • Eating log
    I lost 30 pounds 2018-2021 through exercise, and 30 more pounds over the last 6 months, and talked with too many people who think I did some crazy diet regiment, so I’m documenting here what I ate over the first 4-months of the diet.
  • Extracting samples for CalScope study
    Documenting blood sample self-extraction for a CDPH coronavirus study.

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