I was talking with my parents about some difficulties at work last night, and dad brought up the question “what kinds of things do you like to do”, which led me to thinking about personality types – 20 years ago, back in college, the career counselor had me take the Myer-Briggs (MBTI) personality test. Back then, it came out as INTJ, with the J being an almost 50/50 split between Judging and Prospecting.

I read that personality types can slowly change over time due to life experiences and such. I took a simple online version today, and my responses seem to have made it shift more decisively towards P now. The iNtuitive also shifted somewhat heavily towards obServant.

I read the relationships and dating descriptions of INTJ and INTP and I felt.. ooof please stop attacking me xD

That said, emotions may still feel like a second language to these personalities. Rather than getting to the core of their relationship conflicts, Architects might treat them as puzzles to be solved – an approach that isn’t always successful.







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  1. Jungwoo

    Hi Yongho hyung! I really enjoy reading your post!
    Thanks for being real!

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