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  • RE: Seeking Author and Editor for New Macalester College Guidebook –

    1. You spelled my name wrong. 2. Mac students don’t give a fuck about what college guides say about us. Please write something outrageously bad, demeaning, and lowly about our school and our student body. Please. We don’t want more crowded freshmen classes. If you need help in getting an inside scoop on the suicides, […]

  • Students of Color at Hamline protest unrepresentative curriculum and oppressive campus atmosphere

    From: Yongho Kim To: ASA, BLAC, ¡Adelante!, Afrika!, CSA, MIO, MASECA, Bridges, PIPE, QU Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 00:37:20 -0600 Subject: Students of Color at Hamline protest unrepresentative curriculum and oppressive campus atmosphere Forty students of color and allies at Hamline protested last thursday (March 3rd) at their Student Congress on the differential […]

  • From Charlene Smith To debate SA discussion…

    From: Charlene Smith To: “debate: SA discussion list” Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 08:01:17 +0200 Progressive attitudes from Nigeria, did not notice any of the same positive attitudes or support from any SA organisations. CS —– Original Message —– From: “Patrick Ogbogu” To: “Nigeria-AIDS eForum” Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2005 8:35 PM Subject: [eforum] Celebrating […]

  • [email] Solidarity Group and the International Symposium

    From: Yongho Kim To: Cc:, Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 11:36:35 -0600 Subject: Re: Thoughts on International Symposium Solidarity group, I talked with Sheena Paul and Aaron Colhapp after sending out the email below, and we came to the understanding that 1) the actual content of the International Symposium is not under […]

  • [email] The Mantra of Multiculturalism, two years later

    Adelante! and cultural org leaders, two and half years ago, leaders at orgs of students of color congregated and drafted The Mantra of Multiculturalism, a 13-point document delineating strategies to advocate for multiculturalism in the face of a hostile Macalester administration. Of course, this is my interpretation. Take a look at the document yourself:

  • RE: Freedom Movements Technology

    EDIT: good reference blah, I got tired of writing this. kind of pointless, anyway, now that the blog is up there. it’s just another semester of classes.