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  • Administrative Reprisal

    The City of LA used to clean up the BRU May 24th posters like this, in days: And from one day to the other, after May 24th they started leaving posters intact, like this: What happened before May 24th was reprisal. Administrative reprisal.

  • Park Noja's Class Note Files on Korean Modern Political Economy History

    Professor Park, Noja (Vladimir Tihonov), who teaches Korean Studies at the Oslo National University, uploaded in February of 2007 a complete set of class notes for an introductory lecture course on Korean Modern History (starting with Japanese colonial occupation) with a focus on the interpenetration of world capitalism, military dictatorships and nationalism on his blog: […]

  • Tactical adoption of ethnic identity to overcome side vulnerability

    I often try to avoid recognition/downplay their weight, in reaction to how much generally (older) people I know seem to have come to cherish recognition to the level of fetish. When the OITs gave the BRU campaign award, I realized that despite my efforts, recognition was successful in stirring my emotions (ie: I couldn’t control […]

  • identifying the sin

    A: Teacher what’s this paper? YoKim: it’s the circle of holiness. Who can recall what 전도사님 talked about today? T: Oh me me! YoKim: no someone else besides T… hmm E can you tell everyone what was the message today? E: Nah.. YoKim: ok then let’s have T answer it. Silence! Everyone listen to T. […]