anthropology class notes english

notes, senior seminar. theories and variables

theories in our anthropological paper is a way to explain something. the variable is the thing to be explained.

paper 1
building of dams affects women’s livelihoods in a particular river valley in Senegal. variable is the dam and new irrigation methods, which is to be explained, and the result of the dam being there is the affected livelihood of women as measured by employment, household income, and so forth

paper 2
prostitution is conceptualized as a particular thing in anthropological literature. E will draw upon his particular experience in mongolia where he massaged the feet of an old man and felt like a prostitute because he was providing a sexual service (unpaid, however) using this he will criticize one of his own papers that he wrote in another anthropology class and expand it to anthropology in general. here, the variable is the anthropologist’s conception of prostitution, and the result thereof is the current literature about prostitution.

fun term: prostitutive anthropology. how is anthropology perceived in prostitution? how is that anthropologist who hanged out with prostitute informants in DC and ended up singing in the car together while raining? (at C&C)

theories suggested: theories of representation of manhood, WGS stuff, etc

paper 3
nursing women in south africa are immigrating en masse to places like saudi arabia, britain, and so forth. there are pull and push factors: wages, satisfaction at the job, social instablity, (what else was here?) variable is all of the factors together

theories suggested: mimi sheller’s movement of bodies theory

paper 4
revival of shamanism in mongolian youth and how it relates to the revival of nationalism after the fall of communism in mongolia. weatherford indicates that just the “practice of shamanism among youth” is a invariable phenomenon, and that it doesn’t change – not a variable. i suggest that maybe the study should compare traditional perceptions of youth towards shamanism before the fall of communism to the revival post-fall, and that would give two differing situations where the two variables, revival of shamanism and neonationalism/fall of communism are correlating variables.

theories suggested: john fiske’s study of suburban white youth using hip hop from black urban youth as a cultural artifact through which they build up their own sense of belonging/resistance

observation: i think it was not clear throughout the class what we meant by “variable”. because it seemed to be one kind of thign in one paper, and then in the next paper it was on the other end of the equation.

weatherford: make sure you bring in the external theory because it fits well with what you want to talk about, not just because you want to show off how cool Foucault or Derrida are and/or you read them. a lot of the academic garbage produced these days comes from students trying to “identify” with a certain school of thought which they find cool/progressive but they are unable to articulate the theory with their actual research, because it was forced upon to start with. (this rings with Guneratne warning of scholars just dropping names to fit in with the rest of academia)

class notes english Freedom Movements

class notes. freedom movements

february 21, 2005

class notes english Freedom Movements

notes, freedom movements

feb 14 notes
freedom movements

anthropology class notes english

notes med anth kuru

mentioning the kuru
horizontal and vertical extent

case study
rasminss spongeform encaphelopathie
infection sickness

mad cow deasease is a kind of TSe
BSE -> food, cattle carcasses

BSE agent become more virulent as it crossed species barriers
+ mathemin homozygots wild game feasting
hepatitis -> anonymous sex

college campuses: high mobility

class notes english Freedom Movements

Bamboozled, Mandela, and the Dialectics of Racism-Capitalism. class notes

AMST394-11 Freedom Movements. Class notes, Feb 7

music played: Mbongan Nugema.

how to find articles on Safundi, which spans a broader spectrum of research done on sa . rachleff )the dept?) purchased a semester-long access for the whole class. username: school, pass: here

will announced first diversity weekend meeting. thursday 9pm, cc215

african american studies conference. rachleff: don’t need to go to all of them, but that would be nice. write something creative and tie it together with the class materials.


Will: issues of working middle class and racial representation
Peter: agreed, but the two issues not related causally.
Zach: capitalism creates racial caegories by need (black athletes)
ref: Augusto Bael (theater of the oppressed)
church (ft Spike lee)
is the movie a self-criticism?
born black in SA is being political
Alex F: careful in process of reclamation

creation of representation
appropriation -> make money
how to connect material culture
know to resist

eric la black minstrelsy-> post industrialization
white working class, use of slavery as a reference point
“at least I’m not a slave”
strong denial — (needs) –> reinforcement of perfoming the other
30’s Dubios wrote a bio of John Brown

20th C Baudeville & Broadway, black people playing minstrelsy
Chapelle Show
Lily L: hegemony: marginalize people’s participation, compromise peronsal for greater goals

Zach: even in the black communities it is a tbaoo to go into “culture” fields
Alex Rubinstein: structures of white supremacy alienate communties
Alex F: (disagrees) families follow capital regardless
Tennis Guy
AFLO: but the colored/white divide in “artists”?
E. hist.
mau mau

Rachel: david wolpes & spike lee
Alessandra: Mandela on oppressive systems cannot be reformed, nikey commercials
women not part of movements

Peter: watch 4 girls, susan rose park
AFLO: Delacroix assisted the process of PAC criticizing the ANC
Will: p.20, Mau Mau reactionary masculinity women burning passes

wolpe -> single women in towns
Eugene Debs: sick Salvatore with Debs Hopes to go back what people react

E. Hutchinson: Mandela is in prison, black consciousness -> young people come to him

Rachel: Mandela’s position as a listener, heoized, did the PAC leave out of will or were they expelled from the movements?

Alex Rubinstein: 1 million dollar corruption case, ANC is sinking

Peter: last week we agreed capitalism has a role in white supremacy, has anyone challenged that?

Camilo paris: b link,

Patrick Bond is a white american who came to south africa for a citizenship

Alex Rubinstein: W-A-R? Move your stretch
journalist’s account in SA
different exp
need for violent protest
how the black leadership was constructed intot the white government (homelands)
use capital to alienate people

Rachel: skilled/unskilled divide out of question in south africa

P: in the 70’s two big issues: racism and vietnam. one group said those were “mistakes”

issue: to understand the “mistakes” as integral part of the U.S. society

P: what do we mean by “liberal”? approach to capitalism/racism
Jared: National Liberation as a paradox
Nicole: alternate systems. masculinity as part of a package
Roladn McKay: Frederickson, Herrenvolk Democracy

Alyssa: p.121 dialectical materialism, but Mandela doesn’t take on that anymore further in his actions

WIll Clarke: National liberation, communist party black belt
nation of islam in the ’30s.

P: Mandela’s operating from a minority status. Pan-African nationalism

Will: inside/outside the system. quote: within the system is the hierarchies of competition
same situation in the u.s. capitalism

too much crime, too much work ethic
adanise, chinese

(are stus less dev?)
both movements from challenging capitalism
are they engaging capitalism?
oft overlooked
shana, economic and social agency
sam great to move “up” sustains capitalism
safety/ scarcity
eti lewis “home sphere” (church)
Julia: Tarzan Ujama, 1950-60s

no cognitive diffence between “reform” and “revolution”
Sophie: Mandela’s otrobro not solely as reflection -> intended to soothe allies
compassionate to oppressor (prison guard)
R1 jaito: runs the workshop

PR: tip

def what is a liberal via park?
cart transcripts -> only where to talk + nachie
Nkrumah, Lumumba,

anthropology class notes english

notes, seminar. anthro in a nutshell


british don’t like “culture” -> colonial mission, maintaining
french -> things inside the head, rationalism

foucault, levi strats -> like comets! they come and go
LTAM new anthro, no impact

school training is system-adaptive,
thoughts extensions

notes on the handout:
culture -> cultivate
ethnography=cultural anthro
ethnology=comparative cross-cultural study of human cultures
fight against racism: culture over race, public sphere