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  • notes, senior seminar. theories and variables

    theories in our anthropological paper is a way to explain something. the variable is the thing to be explained. paper 1 building of dams affects women’s livelihoods in a particular river valley in Senegal. variable is the dam and new irrigation methods, which is to be explained, and the result of the dam being there […]

  • class notes. freedom movements

    february 21, 2005

  • notes, freedom movements

    feb 14 notes freedom movements

  • notes med anth kuru

    mentioning the kuru horizontal and vertical extent case study TSE rasminss spongeform encaphelopathie infection sickness mad cow deasease is a kind of TSe BSE -> food, cattle carcasses preventing BSE agent become more virulent as it crossed species barriers + mathemin homozygots wild game feasting hepatitis -> anonymous sex college campuses: high mobility

  • Bamboozled, Mandela, and the Dialectics of Racism-Capitalism. class notes

    AMST394-11 Freedom Movements. Class notes, Feb 7 music played: Mbongan Nugema. how to find articles on Safundi, which spans a broader spectrum of research done on sa . rachleff )the dept?) purchased a semester-long access for the whole class. username: school, pass: here will announced first diversity weekend meeting. thursday 9pm, cc215 african american […]

  • notes, seminar. anthro in a nutshell

    handout: british don’t like “culture” -> colonial mission, maintaining french -> things inside the head, rationalism foucault, levi strats -> like comets! they come and go LTAM new anthro, no impact school training is system-adaptive, thoughts extensions notes on the handout: culture -> cultivate ethnography=cultural anthro ethnology=comparative cross-cultural study of human cultures fight against […]