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  • I woke up at 4 to finish a…

    I woke up at 4 to finish a paper. Yay!

  • Those germans

    A brief quote I got last night while reading the fervently devout correspondence between Charles Peirce -u.s. scientist- and Victoria Welby – english writer. Welby to Peirce Duneaves, Harrow, England December 4th 1903 I am going to send a type-written bit of my last night’s lecture as soon as I can get it done. We […]

  • Alsino and the Condor: The Choice of Identity Over the Law

    Yong Ho Kim Professor Kiarina Kordela HCST 10 : Introduction to Humanities and Cultural Studies 25 April 2002 Alsino and the Condor is a movie filmed by the Nicaraguan Film Institute and co-produced by Mexico, Cuba and Costa Rica. According to The New York Times, it “is a film about injustice and revolution, not looked […]

  • UNFINISHED The continuum in Hobbes’ De Corpore

    A linguistic approach to his Geometry and Mechanics [this paper needs extensive footnote reformatting work]

  • [Audun Solli] analytic and synthetic

    Audun Solli: An analytic judgement is for Kant a statement in which no new information or knowledge is contained or presented in the predicated that didn’t already exist in the concept of the subject, like “all mothers are women”. Synthetic judgements, on the other hand, add some information in the predicate that didn’t exist in […]

  • [Sherali Tareen] Burke/tree

    Sherali Tareen: The supernatural, literary connotations of words, and the distinction between the two concepts seem to be the main main focus for Burke. For instance, he discusses the non-verbal nature of trees that is entirely unrelated to the object of living thing “tree” itself. (1) However, the distinction between “the Word” and “words” remain […]