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    so I have 73 people out of 487 contacts … 

    so I have 73 people out of 487 contacts from my work email added as facebook contacts – some are so old I need to run a search to remember who they were! should have added them earlier – i wonder if facebook could sync with my gmails and suggest friends for only new entries in the contact book?

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    사실 신문들이 군사 용어를 남발하는 것은 별로 큰 일이 아니다. 어차피 … 

    사실 신문들이 군사 용어를 남발하는 것은 별로 큰 일이 아니다. 어차피 언어라는게 여기저기서 비유를 빌려와야 하는데 군사계에서 표현 몇 개 빌려왔다고 그게 군대적 사고방식에 종속되는 것은 아니기 때문이다.그리고 군사계 또한 자연 현상과 인체에서 빌려온 컨셉도 많기 때문에 오히려 군사 표현이라는게 경우에 따라 환경친화적일수도? 내가 느끼기에 더 큰 문제는 별 것 아닌 사안에도 군사 표현들을 너무 남발해서 그런 표현들이 식상해진다는 것이다. 자동차 메이커라면 또 몰라도 치킨집이 딴 나라에 “상륙”하는 것은 아니잖니?

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    some people are just not endowed with an… 

    some people are just not endowed with an engaging writing style. that’s fine, people are good at different things. unfortunately the low-bandwidth early period of the internet, heavily reliant on the most simply digitizable format – plain text, rendered those people speechless, without an opportunity to shine. things like video editing and youtube is still light years away from true parity between writer-thinkers and performers-social types. that’s why facebook created the “like” button.

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    Tags: bandai   

    just found bandai provides HD vids on th… 

    just found bandai provides HD vids on their youtube channel.
    next step:
    1. provide royalty-free indiv audio tracks for official MAD support
    2. provide time-coded english scripts and enter into a sharing agreement with subbers worldwide!

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    My Test scores at http://testpodium.co… 

    My Test scores at http://testpodium.com/

    Test type English test level 2
    Username yonghokim
    Date of test 03.08.2009

    Test result 78.75 % correct

    Grading according to section

    Grammar 100.00%
    Vocabulary 87.50%
    Communication 81.25%
    Listening comprehension 50.00%
    Reading comprehension 75.00%

    Level Advanced level 2 (51.5 Points)

    test results TOEFL*
    Corresponds to the following TOEFL test scores:
    Elementary 1 (00-10 points) no equivalent
    Elementary 2 (11-20 points) no equivalent
    Intermediate 1 (21-30 points) no equivalent
    Intermediate 2 (31-40 points) 133-173 points
    Advanced 1 (41-50 points) 174-213 points
    Advanced 2 (51-60 points) >213 points

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