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    I dreamt that we were having a press conference to announce the Know Your Rights android app. It was someone tall and big (Karn? Staff 1) and.. Staff 2 ? doing the conference, I was sitting in the audience side. The dream started when the conference ended, and Staff 2 was about to say “Thank you for coming..”.

    So I quickly went to Staff 2 and told them that they hadn’t done the live phone demonstration yet. “Oh ok”. “We will show you how to install and use the app”.

    While this was happening, another staff, Staff 3, had already connected to Chromecast and for some reason was stuck trying to find the app among four superhero posters on the TV screen.. like the Incredible Four or something. Staff 3 I think was white.. they were like “where is it? It’s supposed to be around here..” So I went to the staff and said “Let me connect my phone, we can make this quicker” but Staff 3 started screaming “no, I can do it! This is when I need to practice”

    I could feel the reporters wanted to leave, since they were mostly done anyways. Then I realized that this was not June 3rd, the date for which (insde the dream at least) the conference was scheduled for – it was May 23rd.. or 30th? So I started thinking “what happened? Was this a press conf on something else and Staff 1 figured this was the time to announce the app?” That’s how the dream ended.

    I guess it highlights the importance of coordinating time information properly.

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    You can’t just 180 from years of hate speech into a sudden “Muslim is beautiful, muslim is good” blabber and expect people to swallow it, without first taking responsibility for your mess, Ideally you would say that you were wrong before; Obama said “his thinking had evolved” as he took a turn on LGBTQ issues. This fucker needs to start off by apologizing to victims of hate crime in the U.S., which he will never do.

    Is Trump going to go back to the U.S. and keep on pandering to xenophobia in his base? Of course he is. Your standard self-entitled suburban white kid who goes to college and protests “buuut i’m noooot racist!”

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    I was watching this EU4 meme vid and at the end of it there was the first two seconds of God Save The Queen. I was like.. hey now, I now this song! Played the full song and yup, it’s one of the church anthems.

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    We could be in the middle of a long con to bring establishment republicans (ryan, etc) to head the executive with widespread bipartisan, broad based support and figures like mcmaster, comey et al are priebus plants to exacerbate the “anyone but trump omg pls” feeling in the public.

    This is such an undesirable looking impeachment

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    Tags: elections   

    Today i assigned myself to open doors for the polls for the la elections. The idea was to get to bed at 10pm, but as a result of poor planning (…) I ended up sleeping at 2am, thinking “im so fucked”.

    Still managed to get up at 5:15am, went to office, helped with table layouts, did some housekeeping, and figured instead of working straight from 5am to 9pm like back in the day, given we have support staff for election questions, i should go sleep and round down the work hours to 8. S

    i slept from 10am to 1:30pm. And dreamt that i hsd returned to the office only to find pollworkers packing stuff up, at 2pm, citing a self assessment by the poll inspector to decide that “this poll is not worth it based on the turnout so far”. I was very shocked, so tried to double check it with other staff. Is this true? You can just close shop because of low turnout? At some point even dayne was there. After they fully persuaded me that the poll was really closing, i ensured the “closed” and “what to do if a voter shows up here” notice bulletin was visible on the walls, and i think on our website too.

    There was a bus stop right in front of the office, probably the 204. But i couldn’t see it clearly, and started walking, passed under a bridge, went to a bus station but found no posts indicating the bus i needed, and walked back, all lost.. till i called an uber, i think.

    Then i woke up, and it suddenly dawned on me that no such poll closing had happened. It was still 2pm. Very confusing.

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