Papers and Presentations



2005 Zen of Motorcycling: Gold Wing Road Riders and their Social Relations (Senior Seminar ANTH490)
2003 Maasai Identity as a Subject of Tourism (African Societies ANTH258)
2005 The Black Body as a feared Necessity in the Post-Industrial Urban Economy (Comparative Freedom Movements: US and South Africa AMST394)
2005 Contested Bodies: Immigrants as a Singularity in Minnesota’s Political Terrain (Internship HIST613)
2004 QuetzalCoatlicue y la campaña de Franklin Street Bakery: Estrategias culturales y simbólicas, iniciativas coalicionales, y sindicalismo en los trabajadores mexicanos de las Ciudades Gemelas [QuetzalCoalitcue and the Franklin Street Bakery Campaign: Cultural and Symbolic Strategies, Coalitional Initiatives, and Unionism among Twin Cities Mexican Workers] (Senior Seminar: Theorizing Contemporary U.S. Latina/o Popular Culture AMST494)
2004 Coalition-making in The Fuse’s Seattle 1919: Class Solidarity and Divisiveness, and Incorporation of the Other in post-World War I Unionism (Telling Labor’s Story through Music HIST194)
2003 Ethnographic Analysis: Facing Mount Kenya by Jomo Kenyatta (African Societies ANTH258)
2003 Peirce’s Iconic Logic through Shin (Advanced Symbolic Logic PHIL49)
2002 The continuum in Hobbes’ De Corpore: A linguistic approach to his Geometry and Mechanics (Modern Philosophy PHIL31)
2002 Alsino and the Condor: The Choice of Identity Over the Law (Introduction to Humanities and Cultural Studies HCST10)


1999 La Guerra de Arauco
1999 El Pueblo Mapuche
1997 Las Guerras Púnicas