how i got to set up plantronics 470+dell…

how i got to set up plantronics 470+dell dimension E520 audio on ubuntu 9.04

Playback: plug directly to front port, then choose “pulse audio sound server” (“pulse” on skype)

Recording/Capture: plug through the USB card, then choose “C-media USB audio device USB audio (ALSA)” (“c-media usb audio device (plughw:default, 0)” on skype)

On Skype, Recording does not work at all (error message: “Problem with Audio Capture”) with the below settings:
Default device (default)
C-Media USB Audio Device (plughw:default,0)

With the below settings, test calls work but nothing is recorded
hda intel (hw:intel,0)
hda intel (hw:intel,1)