notes from pdf09 for future elaborate desc

  • obama & campaigning uninteresting
  • bloomberg irrelevant. plugs 311
  • nate silver: this is the typical 1.0 campaign done in SK. but in the US? for 2008?
  • bianchini. promo time
  • boyd: rocks. will read paper
  • jarvis, weinberger: uninteresting
  • nano-targetting. very valuable information. so in-person phone calls are needed not for discounts, but to actually discuss various ad formats that don’t fit in order forms
  • dilemmas: boring, ppl stating the obvious
  • ins and outs: boring
  • linkscape demo: PRETTY GRAPHS! good to impress members (let’s see if it’s flexible enough to use in our analysis work)
  • broadband: interesting but irrelevant for me
  • citizen media: another “brainstorming” session. quit
  • demdash demo: when is the open beta coming out?
  • hacking the city: mildly interesting exp opening up city data
  • missed sifry & rasiej
  • kundra: unimpressive.
  • noveck: don’t even remember this one..
  • herman: was trying to make a point but picked wrong sheep
  • zuckerberg: “free speech is really hard”. dude you are not in a press conference, nor talking to pre-k kids ok?
  • ross: boring
  • wesch: a fellow anthropologist! interesting theory of self-motivation in youtube success! pulling the right emotional strings in the audience!
  • pesce: zzzzZZZZzz
  • online video: mildly interesting
  • ivote4u announcement: credit cards? hmm
  • blogging: public sef-gratification=waste of time
  • state/local politicking: looks good but does it work with poc?
  • nysenate: ok
  • opencongress: ok
  • mobilecommons: if it only werre cheaper..
  • can we .gov?: boring






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