So now that I learned how incoherently schizophrenic patients express themselves verbally I might as

well imitate them and direct all accusation to a supposedly light-heardted imitation.

It’s 2:00am. It’s not good to sleep little the night before an interview, but I also have an Peircean iconic logic systems (beta) presentation before it. I am worried. I need to pass this class, or I shall be suspended. I also decided to change my major to anthropology. My soon-to-be advisor, Weatherford, asked me what I wanted to be after graduating, and of course I don’t know. He seemed skeptical, recommended me to take some classes next sem, and talk later. I wonder if I can race the distance between Campus Center and St. Kate’s Art building on a bike during February. Maybe March? The art building seems to be located rather at west. My mom sent me an email, and she said that I could withstand the fact that I am not seeing them for another half a year. Withstand? I don’t really have desires of seeing my family. Why should I? Mac Cinema is showing Bowling for Columbine, and I thought they only showed oldies. Why did our sociology professor have the idea of organizing a van trip to see it? During class time? Why did I just found out the bibliography proving completeness and soundness of the Alpha system the day before presentations? It might be the case that books won’t arrive on time for the paper either. This semester was supposed to be real easy, allowing for ample time to reviewing old material, and it couldn’t have been further from truth. I will never again take 1 or 2 “extra credit” classes, they cause as much pain as any 5-credit bulk. I found cheap housing for the summer, where an old labmate dwelled for 2 years. I just found out that living off-campus is about 20% cheaper than living on-campus, expenses included. I definitely will go off for senior year, and maybe stick for german house in the spring. I obsess over random classes any given semester. At some point during or after the registration I realize they weren’t so essential but then I am lost as to what to pick from such vast options. There will be no more labs and Johanna said I was a good lab guy, and that chilled me for half an hour or so. Bureaucracy is everywhere, just today physical plant sent me a notice saying I would get fined if I didn’t turn keys by friday when Mike has requested them till the next academic year. Donni decided to invite two korean-american guys from Augsburg to our church. One of them doesn’t speak korean and why he would think of bringing them to a program in which 100% of what is spoken is in korean is beyond me. Today I talked with Anishka and fortunately she said she would show up for class. She was not really paying attention because she was so busy and the 5 credits didn’t matter for her graduation anyways (?). She’ll try to arrange the oral exam during the office hours, that’s pretty crazy. Now does Rino’s continued emphasis in seniors getting everything begin to make sense. I realize that today I haven’t really talked with anybody. Have I? I talked with several students at lab, gone to classes, and ate, and was sitting at my room reading as quickly as possible. I wonder if Ruminators will accept my con-con textbook without a receipt, which Ben sold me at a lower price tag, but I might lose in the semester-run. Morris said there were lots of tough moments that shouldn’t have come, in his group tree-killing letter, but I thought for a few minutes he referred to our performance per say, but he really meant the difficulties on getting the score of Manhattan Tower. Now back to the presentation.






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