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Yongho Kim: I drink coffee for strictly caffeine absorption purposes
Sung Kyu Lee: i once drank 5 coffees in one sitting and got really sick, diaharrea and everything
Yongho Kim: I got diarrea too out of eating two meals of cereals in a row
Sung Kyu Lee: ahahaha
Yongho Kim: green stuff
Sung Kyu Lee: oh man
Sung Kyu Lee: that’s nasty

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에스프레소를 세 잔 연속 마셨더니 정신이 혼미하고 손이 떨리더군요.. 살아 계신 것이 다행입니다..T^T

신검 받기 전날…
혈압을 높인답시고…
커피를 주전자체로 끓인다음…
주전자체로 먹은적이 있었죠…

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