Dingen for 2001-2002

I posted a short quotes list in my room, I got excited about em, and decided to post an expanded list of the memorable things during my stay of Mac during 01-02.

Following the greek tradition, I shall separate them in academic disciplines: (don’t quote me on this Kat, I really didn’t know what to put between “the” and “tradition”)
Geography. During second week of april (PFs visit weekend) I met a little kid, three years old, riding a tricicle. He was boom=booing aroud her mom between DeWitt and Old Main. All of the sudden though, he stopped in cold and shouted her: “Mommy, can we go to some mountain? I wanna ride in inclined floor”
African American Studies. I was commenting a guy I just got to know (somewhere in September) that I found it interesting that he had non-black hands (he was black). I explained him that I had never seen a black guy before. He became extremely alarmed and told me to shut down and watch for my mouth.
Cultural Studies. my roommate insists that american middle class people don’t have culture. Back at high school in Chile my high school teacher would insist that the chilean society doesn’t have culture.
Math. (1) Mike was studying calc in the campus center… he saw me and shouted “Hey! Aren’t you korean? Oh, can you help me?”. Yeah right. I faild Calc1. (2) I asked Will what he thought of stats. He made a face and spit, “Oh, stats is not math… it’s.. it’s… you don’t learn anything there. It’s a crappy class filled with econ majors”
Communication Studies:
[PF1] So you like Mac?
[Yong_Ho_Kim] Yeah, it’s a good place.
[PF2] Would you get shot if you said anything other than yes?
[Yong_Ho_Kim] You never know with the admissions folks.
[PF2] you really don’t like them… they seem funny, at least.

Walker said “immediate retaliation shall follow” if St. Thomas doesn’t stop “manipulating data to make themselves more appealing to prospective freshmen”.

However, inside sources reveal an even more cunning logic behind this decision. A MPIRG representative, who preferred to remain anonymous, said that the rage expressed by Walker is “a sign that Mac doesn’t care about environmental awareness issues anymore”
USTSG of course boasts of this as results of their efforts promoting environmental responsibility. However, most neighbors feel suspicious towards such a claim and keep using oxygen masks up to this day.

[UST picture here]
Provided by St. Thomas Admissions Website
Will USTSG choose to hit numerical advantage?
Meanwhile, tension between rival schools keeps on rising. Last night, hundreds of St. Thomas students marched eastward in Sumeet Avenue burning tiny trees and hammering bikes down. “If MCSG keeps insisting that the student’s t test certainty levels should be 95% and not 90%”, said Jake, “we’ll fight ’till death. If for every St. Thomas student a Macalester student dies, and our quarrel goes to conclusion, there shall be no Mac in three months.”

[Mac picture here]
Provided by Macalester Admissions Website
Will Macalester succumb against hordes of Thomasites invading the campus?

“Don’t even bother,” assures Kim “KUST*KMac is smaller than KACTC;” James is optimistic: “we will never reach conclusion.”.
(extract of an article written for analytic chem)

Asian Studies. I emailed a korean guy about immunization records during summer. He gave a helpful response, and appended: “Hey man, don’t go to the econ dept, they’re not worth it. Come to CS”
German. Huener: “For those feeling a little midterm frustration with German (is this possible??), you might enjoy a few of Mark Twain’s …. essay “The Awful German Language,” at this address: cs.utah.edu/~gback/awfgrmlg.html. They make suitable, if slightly pretentious, beach reading!”
: [PF2] I am thinking of English. Do you know anything about the dept? [Yong_Ho_Kim] They have a very handsome renaissance english professor. [PF2] Well that’s good to know.
Education: the library closes at 10:00pm in fridays.
Psychology: why should you major in psychology? “…the rule of abstinence primarily concerned the analysand’s abstinence from sexual activity; if a patient implores the analyst to make love to her, the anlyst must frustrate her by refusing to do so.” – Evans, Dylan. “frustration” Introductory Dictionary of Lacanian Psychoanalysis
Econ: I learned that econ majors are people too.
Art: I met an international student majoring in art.
Spanish: Go see my “picture” in the spanish dept tutors room :D
Music: I heard a guy sing the arirang last night. That’s pretty good for diversity I guess.
Domestic diversity.
[PF1] So, what about the carrots?
[PF3] carrots? ehh?
[Yong_Ho_Kim] Carrots.. hmm.. I see them in salads often, but is that much? I don’t know. What’s wrong with carrots? They taste great!
[PF1] Okay, never mind. i just got it into my head that Minnesotans put carrots in everything.
[Yong_Ho_Kim] What do you think, Jake? Do Minns have a fixation for carrots?
[PF3] not that i am aware of
[Yong_Ho_Kim] Hehe.
[PF3] i can’t even eat cooked carrots…soo
[PF1] Okay. Well this will save me from much unneccessary embarrassment next year. i know what not to bring up!
Philosophy. Gunderson: So Hume is the heavy metal of philosophy!
Physics. A cloudy memoir of an evening class with long-bearded people talking about supersymmetry theory and breaks in uniformity of singularities in far infrared distances.
Biology. A 25 year-old-looking prof steps into the classroom and shows a creamy pregnancy detector that works by changing its color when applied in the fingertips. She opens the tube, smells it and exclaims “Oh, it smells like pennis!”
Sociology: [PF3] i’m curious. what attracts students from other states to macalester [PF4] snow

I think that’s it for the moment.






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