I was playing with the rotating chair in the infodesk. I was just kicking the ground while holding my feet in the air, so I would turn to my left and to my left and to my left.. and so on, turning to my left forever. Then the campus center manager came in and asked me if I was mad. He was referring to my shorts, but I thought he meant the chair. Before than that though I thought I could get sick more easily by doing something else while keep turning left (I’m pretty strong to nausea). I grabbed my german listening homework, put the audio track from the HRC on play, and began solving the exercises. The stimulus proved to be efficient soon – I had to run out of the building for fresh air before throwing the three Wsten and a racimo of eggs I had stuck into my stomach hours ago.

Morale: rotating chairs do good, and promote diversitz awareness amongst sociology majors. I should get one with my next paycheck.






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