I’m finally getting up to the working rythm at Mac. Man, this is incredibly demanding. I now kinda understand why do the academic programs people limit the credit registration to 18 per semester, but I still think I’ll be able to do more in junior year. Done with the ethics paper, phew! It’s a pretty interesting topic, an argument for an alternative method of thought. Chem finals scares the hell outta of me. I just need a C to pass, but it seems so hard… especially when considering I need to extensively review thermodynamics. Calculus seems hopeless – I have a test tomorrow and I think a B is impossible in that one, not even for the finals. I’m fortunate I can pass the german with a D. Haha, I’m a LOSER! LOSER! At least I’ll get the 14 credits I need to be considered full-time student, so the hell with it.






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