I dreamt that CGP Grey had published a…

I dreamt that CGP Grey had published a paper book about.. how to work using computers, or something like that. I half woke up from that dream 1) trying to recall details from the book and 2) slowly realizing that CGP Grey in the dream is not me, and realized: “ok this is kinda funny, need to record this”. By the time I started typing this, I had forgotten a lot of details.

I had the dream in a semi first-person view and over-the-head view, but the voices coming from this person was definitely CGP Grey. A hand was turning the pages of the book and reading some sections aloud. Here are some lines from the book:

At first I wanted to call this book “The authority on computers” but my publisher changed it. Oh well.

(pages in between)

The old powers (duh):
(icons of illustrator, indesign, photoshop with icon name underneath) Illustrator. InDesign. Photoshop.
(plus sign)
The new powers
(icons of two other adobe applications.. can’t recall them now. with icon name underneath)

Unfortunately there were no sights of a smartphone with Hello Internet being held, so I guess I missed my chance for the Hall of Fame.






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