hmm so for the past year I’ve had…

hmm so for the past year I’ve had a sleep issue on my computer. It was randomly booting up around 6:00 am in the morning. I have a DD-WRT router, and at some point I goolged it up and changed the comptuter network card to only wake up for magic packets, not all packets, and it subsided for a bit, but it continued.

I upgraded to Win10 because I wanted the multi desktop feature.

I used this feature many years ago on Ubuntu. Compiz made the multi desktop feature become alive and super useful – the cylinder/sphere view allowed you to quickly zoom out into a birds’s eye view of your 4 desktops and see all 4 at the same time – you could see the ones in the foreground directly, but the cylinder or sphere was semi-transparent and you could see the other desktops across the cylinder. The crazy thing was that all animation actions (eg a movie playing) were still live on this cylinder. It made it super easy to find your window. This made me very hesitant about choosing Windows 7.

Well Windows 10’s muli desktop feature is not as good, and it has some kinks such as re-opening hte same application seems to bring you to the desktop that has that application already open, but it’s still usable and it’s natively supported. I upgraded to Win10 and increased RAM on the computer from 12GB to 24GB to ensure I wouldn’t run out of ram running dozens of Chrome sessiosn. The upgrade exacerbated the sleep problem – now the computer would almost always come back from sleep, show me the screen it was at before sleep, but be completely unresponsive. It would still wake up on its own at 6am, and be irresponsive.. needing a hard reset.

Last night I tried wipng the C drive completely and installing Windows 10 from scratch. So far, no sleep issues and it doesn’t wake up at 6am on its own. Maybe it was some program that was causing this issue. Maybe it will resurface as I use this system longer. But so far it’s pretty good.






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