part of the reason why I care so…

part of the reason why I care so much about in-person user experience optimization may be because how terrible, terrible, absolutely terrible the majority of Korean websites’ UX is. The Korean internets is filled with evangelists that have been decrying the lack of information architecture, cross-platform compatibility, disability access, standards compliance (W3C), data machinability… really, just plain lack of philosophy, in mainstream Korean websites for over 15 years now. It’s kind of when President Dae Joong Kim started pushing for growing the IT sector as one of the ways of overcoming the Asian financial crisis.

Today, the White House website runs on Drupal and the federal government launched In the meantime, the Blue House website uses Flash… oh nevermind, BH finally got rid of Flash. But I’m sure there must be other government sites that use Flash.. Election Administration, Congress, there’s gotta be a ton out there.. and it’s not for a slideshow or anything, Flash is used in the site navigation! Seriously!






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