Weatherford rocks

Weatherford’s Genghis Khan and the making of the Modern World ranks 31 in rankings! I gotta buy one and send to my younger bro.

[added in 2005] heh heh. what was THAT review

If all history books were this fun I wouldn’t have flunk…, November 10, 2004
Reviewer: Ma WenRui “soukouslover” (Minneapolis, MN USA)

Wow! This was a great read! It covers so much history and best of all gives context and brings life to characters, administration systems, battles and feuds like few other books (which focus on silly dates and show no meaning or the reasoning behind events). Plus, you’ll be surprised how little you (probably) knew about a most visionary empire: innovations, postal systems, no taxes for doctors and teachers!, psychological warfare, international trade policies, blitzkrieg! (and you thought the Germans were smart)… I loved this book. When is the movie coming out???






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