In chatrooms we are often engaged in a…

In chatrooms, we are often engaged in a age-old northern nomadic tradition of “wordless chatter”.

Northern nomadic peoples (“오랑캐” in korean) had to deal with the constant sandstorm that heat up the gobi desert every summer. People were keenly aware that water was scarce and opening your mouth drained you from water faster.

in other words, opening your mouth took you closer to death by the second. This manifested into the local culture, which is where local expressions like “hombre con boca cerrada, no le entran moscas” were born.

To engage in wordless chatter, you must sit with one leg above your knee. this is called 반가부좌 자세 – then you concentrate in your inner self until you see the yellow background 32px mic button
and press it

Let us Partake.






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