I was re watching Game of Thrones Season…


I was re-watching Game of Thrones Season 1 and was blown away at how every line actually threads further into the plot, and every character referenced in passing actually have some purpose in being mentioned, or appear later. And it is all woven together gracefully – like when Arya starts practicing swordfight with Syrio Forell and Ned sees them and looks worried, and slowly fading in is the sound of battles, and he doesn’t have to say anything but it gives enough backdrop for the bloodspills to come.

Or like the screenshot above, where I just now found out that the two people speaking at the bottom of the dungeon plotting to kill Ned (which somehow I didn’t notice in my first two passes of Season 1) are actually Illyrio and Varys! Didn’t Varys just go to Ned telling him that he trusted him and wanted to help? Ugh and now in Season 6 he’s helping Daenerys? Did Varys change his stance or did the balance of things change enough for Varys to think that assisting Daenerys was now the better choice?





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