I started watching Westworld Season 1 yesterday and…

I started watching Westworld yesterday after coming across this review and finished Season 1 today. I wasn’t paying much attention though, watched it while playing World of Tanks. Spoilers ahead..

  • So William is the man in black 35 years later, right? Seemed pretty clear but the plot is so psychedelic , can’t be too sure.. felt pretty cannon though
  • Did Ford stage his own killing too (they seemed to show a glimpse of Ford running the music machine while Arnold was being shot), after changing his mind after Arnold died?
  • Why did Maeve decide to come back and what’s up with the blackout? Was tat the board takeover?
  • The recurring imagery of the self-playing piano was pretty neat – it kind of plays on the theme of “if it does something on its own, does it have a mind?” – btw did those machines exist? Punchhole sheets that have musical information and played pianos? Also, none of the keys pressed on the piano match the OST or anything – and two same keys pressed across one octave do not sound like that.
  • Dolores’s plot is hard to follow, with all the hallucination/flashback/symbolic stuff going on. Especially with the doppelganger/Arnold/etc constantly disappearing and getting replaced and stuff.
  • It’s obvious that Arnold designed the company’s IT security protocols, cuz Tier 1 tech getting admin access? Yeah right






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