Today i assigned myself to open doors for the polls for the la elections. The idea was to get to bed at 10pm, but as a result of poor planNing (…) I ended up sleeping at 2am, thinking “im so fucked”.

Still managed to get up at 5:15am, went to office, helped with table layouts, did some housekeeping, and figured instead of working straight from 5am to 9pm like back in the day, given we have support staff for election questions, i should go sleep and round down the work hours to 8. S

There was a bus stop right innfront kf the office, probably the 204. But i couldnt see it clearly, and started walking, passed under a bridge, went to a bus station but found no posts indiciating tje bus i needed, and walked back, all lost.. till i called an uber, i think.

Then i woke up, and it suddently dawned on me that no such poll closing had happened. It was still 2pm. Very confusing.