Working on the @civiCRM Service Inquiry Form https…

Working on the @civiCRM Service Inquiry Form and finding this dilemma:

Going from the multi-column form to a flat structure, the service categorization came out cumbersome so instead I tried a two-pronged approach:

  • have them first select the big categories of IRP/HAP/Housing, and then show a second list that goes into depth. (useful)
  • detect key words from the client describing their problem in the paragraph box, and auto categorize. since conditional “set to” creates unchangeable variables, create a checkbox to deactivate feature. (very nice)

The problem is that the two methods each work, but canj’t be in place simultaneously. The second list method relies on the IRP sublist, HAP sublist being hidden and making them shown depending on which larger category was chosen. Because these lists are hidden, I can’t make the keyword detection both show the sublist and make selection from the sublist at the same time. If I just tell it to choose an item from the sublist, the sublist shows up (as per sublist conditional, not the keyword detection conditional), but no choice is made.

Which feature to kill, which feature to kill…





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