I have a strange permanent problem with video…

I have a strange permanent problem with video playback, only happening on Netflix and Amazon Prime. (But not on Hulu or YouTube)

I have a multi monitor setup – 4 monitors, 3 of them 1080p, plugged to a NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti. Whenever I stream a video from Netflix or Amazon Prime in one of the two main screens on Chrome, the screen starts alternating between flickering, going green, etc, until going completely black or green. When I close the browser (I can’t see the screen, so I press Alt F4), screen goes back to normal. I had this problem previously on a R280X setup, and i3770 & i6700

A general Google search didn’t bring up anything specific.

For now I’m skirting the problem by plugging one of the monitors to a Windows tablet and connecting to the desktop speakers via Bluetooth. (So I don’t have to do so much recabling each time I watch)






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  1. fixed by replacing the HDMI cable

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