There’s not a single quality open license photo…

There’s not a single quality open license photo of Korea’s daytime street life on the internet. Which is saying something.

Either the photo is shots of nature of empty streets, with no life forms on sight.
Or a shot specifically framed on a building, an event, a landmark, in a way that it’s clearly not a shot of the street.
Or it’s a night shot.
Or it doesn’t look good; the objects are shaky, or framing is ridiculous.
Not a single shot that captures the moment of people distracted or distraught walking filling the sidewalks, street vendors, cars buzzing by, and the general chatter filling the air.

When the photo meets these criteria, it’s an all rights reserved photography from an artist.

Sometimes, it meets all the above criteria. Until you find out that it’s 800×600 pixels.

These shots are very abundant in the west.






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