first guestbook


we’ll use this as an english language guestbook.

the image is from a summer job i once had. we had to cut little red films to paste them on plastic tags that would be fit at professors’ doors. after a month of work, i got to learn every single new professor’s name moving in that summer.







4 responses to “first guestbook”

  1. 은별모래

    멋진(?) 아르바이트를 하셨군요…좀 수고스럽긴 해도 어떤 재미를 느끼셨을 것 같아요^^. 그나저나 옛 방명록은 어디로 숨었나요?

  2. 용호

    재미있었죠. 처음 해보는 것이니. 저기 위에 방명록은 한글 방명록이구 guestbook은 영어 방명록인데요 ^^;

  3. clara

    hi! nice blog! i just wanted to say that your links are really cool! i subscribe to you! that’s all. have a nice day!

  4. HappyCow

    woooooo kiwis!

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