the sad state of my Instant Messenger accounts…

the sad state of my Instant Messenger accounts

I mostly use SMS, Slack and KakaoTalk for my daily messaging. Colleagues use Slack; us-based contacts use SMS and I get them via Hangouts, but for the past 4 years I haven’t been able to figure out how to set Hangouts (instead of Android’s built-in “Messages” app) as the default program for outgoing SMS, so I can’t integrate it with my address book or recent calls log. (I prefer Hangouts because I can type from the computer as well) Unless I’m responding to a recent incoming convo, to initiate an SMS convo I need to scroll through all my chat history to find the thread that belongs to the person or group, or manually type the number. I have no idea why sometimes some messages would be receives by Messages instead of Hangouts. Remaining Korean contacts are on KakoTalk.

I then have:

  • A WeChat account made because a friend was traveling through China. I have 2 contacts on the app.
  • A WhatsApp account made because most of the people I contacted to practice the language only had a WhatsApp account (which reveals your cell phone number.. what he heck?)
  • A Telegram account made for the sole purpose of participating in a hobby-related group notification list. I have no contacts in the account (My contacts from 5 years ago seem to not have been reestablished when I refused to share my address book)
  • A Signal account made for the sole purpose of talking with one person for work
  • I never agreed to make a Facebook Messenger account, but Facebook made one anyway and someone kept messaging me time-sensitive stuff through the Messenger account

I can’t delete any of these accounts because they do have a marginal use case, and they sit on the phone consuming data, storage and RAM.






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