spooken, written, and thought discourses

the reason, it just occured to me, that i often refrain from expressing ideas on paper (or blogs) and instead keep on developing them – this is not strictly limited to papers/essays but extends to random thoughts as well – is because i recognize that once it is written/posted, it is intended to be read by an audience of some form. if no one is going to read it, then i will read it; that counts. insofar as i deal with often contradictory ideas within my head, i can let them sit there for a while and develop in their own dynamic intertextuality, add on new experiences and external text-producers, read, talk about it with other people, and when i feel like it’s ready to cum (uhuh, few metaphors touch upon heteronormative sensibilities better), i write some. a draft.

because once on paper, althought there may be many ways of intepreting it, for each individual instance of interpretation, e.g. one reader, or me myself re-reading it (because i don’t usually read my own papers more than once, once they are done) and despite all what weatherford claims thoughts in your head are just that, thoughts, unless you write them down or act upon it, it’s imperative to let them stir so that they may make sense with me to start with.

so there.






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