i dreamt that i was training people on…

i dreamt that i was training people on how to make a pitch to korean small businesses for an upcoming gala fundraiser. It may have had to do with the WordPress Gutenberg rollout..

Machine Transcript

where I was sitting glass office
talking to cells agents I think
set up a Frozen
after accuracy and I
how to recall the details of the hell up before I forget
and the Westlake at 8 p.m. ish are weekday
I was going to Crane
accuracy I think so
I’m temporarily come from Korea to run or something
train them on how to talk
station because that person what’s going to stick
spend the evening calling as many American small business as possible
and ask the train them extreme how to talk
I say what happened before us talking with his two salespeople is there three of us don’t care see hanging around outside the glass
house and I think the topic of discussion Rich how to train the sky and if they all look it’s not that hard look right over there behind the sisters glass office of this sales agency when I was the sales agency because they are also a fundraiser event Prospect I’ll take Kayla Prospect and friend’s apartment pricing sidewalk then I say which house supposed to be locked or unlocked so I just grabbed one of the pamphlets which have I feel Stitch retirement and I gave it to them almost here because if they replace a few words here say and that’s the pitch and we walked over it the pitch and all that is what happened before the moment so at some point I guess after what happened I guess they left and then I was still there so it’s agency office I’m this older lady I think it was white person in her life is that cool why are you I’m not like I’m you know Kara sea and I was just here talking to folks about their death a fundraiser
a month yeah because I’m going to be meeting with are colics in an hour and training them on how to make all these phone calls he’s like why you making phone calls for a night that sounds crazy
yeah probably not
and they’re like Wallace or something else fell out she was welcome in military doing that anything else they can do that’s like more effective and I say whoa
icing a broken not doing very well not doing very well and we subdivided meaning of different categories song I like at a fundraiser stocking today measures on our Small Town Heroes Krampus that says not print businesses and so forth
different categories we broke down this part of calling Grandma can businesses and this person was assigned to that sell all the other areas I covered it says this one more category and I think it’s not very effective and efficient and effective forecast for calling like a by p.m. through the night was going to pick up very few those phone calls but it’s going to bring some outcome and some money and that’s how we are doing at the library earlier Kylie Coury
a baby of like TJ is singing
can I sing Elsa glooming in my explanation
feeling yeah it’s unfortunate about the weather going to do that I’m not sure how much how I could say this is useless because he’s doing something Everest in expending this two women were sitting there listening and they’re like well that’s got to be a better way I’m they never stood there their faces are getting there’s more shot under faith and they like wow oh wow oh wow I guess show this person is not calling out to the very last night was crazy and so forth
yeah that’s for the pain stop
in the conversation we’re more might agree man. This was probably not useful
I wonder what picture having this dream forward to sleep while sweating elate
so I’ll
access working on creating some walk options for different websites to create and I was feeling very stuck between the options I have which are so I hope I want to make living WordPress just have some plantation house I have the options are if you default themes that she would wear press 20/20 Fame the 2019 theme these two are compatible with Gutenberg
I feel 20/20 is nice but it can’t be short I would definitely have Daiso okay let me try their some premium plug-in some themes have purchased imma try them so I tried multiple of them
they won’t last I train them I was already frustrated because I knew that all of this premium themes about
they Market themselves as having a ton of features of death when they’re on sale on the
Bill’s Patriots Xing Forest
when you buy them and they’re not refundable and you stole it realized that either the Futures are super shallow they show that they have just enough steps to create a child in Bed-Stuy on all the all the customization so you could have with those things are not possible options were not available in the face like that the
are this is the other annoying sandwiches I love this page seems ship with a paid plugin hello this ship with the free version of a paid player
immediately a Funny Story theme you’re struck with advertisement saying
I hate thieves shift with the penguins
I’m a little confused about some of them eventually expire expire way faster Olympic Games support lifecycle sister having these issues so that’s one problem number to a problem is with all these things and plugins there are dropped pretty fast by the Developers so you have a compatibility issue like in Universal press or something and you go to the plug-in makers website and neither the website is that like two years down the road is dead or the author moved on to making new theme some plugins the old ones are barely getting updated or they’re no longer the catalogue
is what happens for the pay is plugging of things
free version now then when you install this free version / with advertisements for the paid version of the thing and then the paid version of every plug in the shift with that same all of which are free free virtual that plug-in up the paid alternative and they’re so deeply lockdown and features that they’re not really a free version of the theme there just a trial demo version that’s what they are there nearly useless your listless there are so many things that are locked out
and the problem is
running a search for free themes and plugins because somewhere out there must be completely free things that are good quality and running a search and you are like a Google like when they were pressed watch I know my baby is running but last time I run a search for pressed famous is the search results are flooded with the free versions of the against and themes which install and are useless unless you purchase the papers turn on even when you purchase the paid version of 60 bucks they experience is not so good
Torrance CA
the results are flooded with those free versions that is nearly impossible to tell which are like them on the work that’s needed to test them out. It’s nearly impossible Coppell find completely free plug-ins for themes a separate and that sea of similar freemium games that are similar overlapping functionality like you search for anything it’s them bad slider your video all the things like there in just a couple there’s like 10 with the same fucking feature-set they’ll show up in their search results and all of them are they free version of the Penguins and and that what the Elsa being in the Lake Middle meet use experience for me if the tire package of WordPress is becoming this giant advertising platform like there are free plug-ins but they are basically ads
and more more this plug is that used to be free completely free now help a Persian Santos is play at some repressed so they were pressed the top side of the WordPress admin screen it’s been color by like four five six adds just like Explorer was Claire the Earth with those two bars that you only thing they download it when you’re installing like my calf have a virus or something
and even their pay things that they’re promoting are not lasting very long and they’re not very deep in the future set
so that’s my experience and I fell asleep so frustrated trying to create a basic one page one page mini page in WordPress be like their video using the tools I had already have for each other is spend like other bugs without year the assault wow this is really frustrating and I don’t even know if people have written about this happy before I took me about this fact that are used to be a great open source free platform with like this commercial options has become very cowlick field of commercial only options of low quality commercial so I was right about this and I said search First sairat on Google what happened to the word Prosecco system because I’ve been using WordPress since 2004
post at and then when I
worth that’s the word WordPress like how do I do a screen WordPress specific troubleshooting issue but if you something about how do I email a picture from your breast you get this fake blog fake review blog articles which are not actual blocks they are advertising blocks that are either operated by Page plugin and theme operators or simply the pay plugin and team sales website of wasp that’s riding this top nine ways to do asking for press and putting their own plug in on the top of their list has to generate AC or towards Esther generate search results Taurus and plug-in holyshit but you said nothing
so even the search what happened to the WordPress system was filled with those but a few I found a few posts that artwork discussing the release of the WordPress Gutenberg editor the one the ship with version 5.0 in back in 2018
and apparently I mean I remember having my promise was with Amber because he was breaking a few things and I enabling fat the other two are they clever Gator player but yeah I guess he was not just me there’s a huge backlash against the Gutenberg editor specifically the people selling those fucking plug-in her things are all
complaining and saying how am I going to sell my plug in now Guttenberg assault who’s going to be my plug in you are ruining the livelihood of thousands of Developers
2000 other people regular results
cheers as fucking plug-in and film Developers for pumping out low quality products or floating the search results not complaining about Gutenberg so cool Timber must be doing something right
the thing is that a different spot there at their point weather I figured it’s crazy how they map Muhlenberg Matt Matt Muhlenberg or something what’s this white guy who originally plus I’m on the two people to people who originally clothing WordPress back in 2003 is still living out Matic which is a for-profit company that is made engine driver behind improving the open source WordPress
has become so huge that they’re all there is like International annual or press conferences in which math gives a state of Union style state of the WordPress speeches showcasing development in WordPress so in that blog post and I can’t write that blog post which was titled how’s the titled the future of WordPress
but this guy updated to the Future WordPress 2020 so that it would continue to generate search results for people like me search for words like what happens they were Prosecco system and that website is not a personal bugging of said it was a sales website for the specific photo gallery being unemployed in that the guy develop selling those followerglory themes and he wrote this blog post which still have like 20% of like
most of it was genuine attempt to KH the WordPress developer field on how people felt about Gutenberg death of how divided people were
so I think the WordPress Core theme so what’s happening like a list of Sally Field from my vantage point which is from like
yes I did my last no that’s not my last attempt cuz I ain’t graded were pressing mediawiki through my custom theme I just wake a lot of things from the Kubrick name the 1.6 version to make it work across or to make it look the same across maybe we can were pressed back into cells hands fakes Ramos and turn
at least some Twix like in 2011 I think and since then I haven’t touch or press a whole lot until 2015 when we moved over transition things to drop all but I kept running some more and the in 2015 After Rolling main website website to Rupaul I launch this or press multi-site images running all this other like 20 + websites that just keep creating and lack of the creek reading every year for different campaigns I was like hard to maintain them number 1 number 2 0 0 interest from restriction in preserving is website there is over why do we need it anymore I thought hey we’re loosing
the ground I think we are losing the ground and the Creole speaking internet or a lot of our campaign are not having permanent some people never discover thanks that was happening 2 years 5 years 10 years 20 years ago the track record we have
I don’t know I want those things to stay forever in the internet
so I made that multi-site and I have to start dealing with this you know premium themes plugins so until 2815 I guess I haven’t touch or press much
I have to get back into the space or press I’m so first and I remember purchasing the Mustang team to repurpose make a sex website using Mustang and revamp everything using Mustang again and rather like a video tour of course and the
sing this growing because once I was great in the beginning but kept start breaking more and more we’re still using the Church website using them
remember me breaking more more
Discord notification my phone is really distracting me I wonder who sent message this early in the morning is 4 a.m.
making a very long-winded post point and I have started to lose track of my original starting point of the point thumb
so yeah that’s happening at work prices is WordPress core team so low that they supposed to use experienced in the past few years and that’s how the people are just going to start recipe with Squarespace to riches every single WordPress project I pitched two people when I was too busy to
35th made by other people which is fine using Squarespace I’m Batman. That the moment we stopped paying those crazy expensive face that Squarespace charges per website the entire web to tie dye and your super hard to like transfer. Content to any of ecosystem. Squarespace and I’m sure if I Googled house.
how to transfer what I’m sure if I searched I’m sure if I searched how to transfer I hope you see the game with us premium low quality plug-in made transfer content anyway so it is a friend is a friend induced drag and drop Squarespace sites look very nice so it’d be great to have them in the face
I think it’s fine that’s competing for that space which all these developers seem to really look down upon because they had the oldest Developers their own Echo System Appliance tell him they provide the expertise at their level which is buried deep customization a WordPress and for which they earn a lot of money
so they were pressed team so that this was happening outside
user experience is spiraling down all these page Builders trying to mimic Squarespace and they provide they don’t last long a few years at most I could three years and then the firm goes down or do they develop something you Alex terrible I need really messed up close base it’s like so we’re talking about like since like the visual visual composer which is why licensing and that came shipped with their Mustang Saleen
because there are all hodgepodge solution when those plug-ins tie-down there’s going to be transferring that to any other ecosystems terrible I said well let’s build a house from scratch this official composer from scratch in a way that still adheres to the WordPress principles of
content the is Samantha Kelly relevant and its future proof so they left this huge project and what we have is a very clean I’m not sure what’s going on on the back end after post content database space I hope it’s a shame but I’m not sure it was probably be there in twit Glock know what’s in store for us I don’t know hopefully it’s it’s machine machine-readable a Shirley Temple with a way bigger budget and team that any obvious premium plugins
and that the site that has a big development behind it and remain stable over the years over a very long period of time as long as soon as the company behind your presence around so I feel much more confident and using this visual composer over others know I love that other developers are like well Elementary spider
looks much more advanced everything again how big is the company how long is it going to last if you open source open source the company goes the plug-in is going to go down along with everything
where is the Gutenberg component of WordPress like everything else more present is open source so even if out Miley goes down there’s going to be was my beloved colleague at first but there’s going to be a metaphor of hundreds of thousands as of thousands of developers of all levels who would like a Computing protocols base maybe something else and firm will stand up and take it take to roll
yeah so that’s what I thought so I wonder so I saw this awesome at positive and I kind of felt
I’ll just like developers are complaining a spelling of karma they’re making my life miserable implementer of WordPress and the night I wonder it really all that extends like a lot of time like 2 hours reading up on trying to sleep and I wonder if that there’s a parallel between that and Keirsey and our fundraising Galas is that what triggers a dream I wonder I wasn’t doing much what I guess I also got to see
so that’s the dream
I have an expense for them in this recording is crazy okay that’s all






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