K that group shouldn’t have left Y but…

K: that group shouldn’t have left
Y: but if they want to split apart, that should be fine!
K: the two groups didn’t talk to each other, there was no communication!
Y: that’s a problem but still, if they want to split, that should be fine!

after the meeting

Y: you know why the dems lost in the 2004 elections? because those stupids thought that by getting everyone together they would get more votes and win! they actually lost people who steered away because there wasn’t anything interesting going on, everyone knew kerry would never say anything that stuck him out too much, and see what happened
K: i don’t think that splitting in many parts is good. see, we learned the other day that the European political system was superior because there were so many [countries? parties?] of them, and China was weak because it was a one party system, but look now where china is economically despite the one-part system..
Y: what! and you even care to refute that!
K: bah, i won’t talk to you

afterthought: who the hell says these days that europe was strong because there were many of them? they were all together in the business of colonizing the world! what was the berlin conference about? who the hell needs to refute that kind of crap? wait wait, people teach that at mac? oh my.






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