Colorful Eviction-Promoting Advertisement

This 1/3 page ad in a Korean newspaper today is kind of amazing. It’s riddled with strange translation artifacts, but it seems to wink at landlords to take it to their law firm and start evicting people “right now!” while pretending to be a PSA by giving information to “both sides” (tenants and landlords). It reads:

Emergency Information! Public Notice about Special Law about the ‘California Eviction Catastrophe’!

– Law Angeles APC

[Left Box: How Business and Residential Tenants Can Defend from Eviction]

Although California’s Governor signed a eviction moratorium through 2021 due to COVID-19, you have to recognize that there are numerous exceptions due to a new California law.
Depending on CASE, the building owner can do a lawful eviction lawsuit any time. Therefore, you could be evicted! Landlords should also recognize that they have the right to use the new law’s exceptions to evict them. We are confirming to you that a lawful response can protect your business and home for a long period of time.

[Right Box: How Landlord Can Evict Tenants in Commercial and Residential Buildings]

Many building owners are struggling and in much pain due to COVID-19. California’s Governor said that evictions are frozen until January of 2021 if tenants pay 25% of the rent, but we are letting you know that based on a new California Eviction Law(Unlawful Detainer), depending on CASE an eviction is very possible. You also need to be cognizant that the proposed Mortgage Payment Postponement Act is wholly up to the bank(lender), and therefore there is absolutely no guarantee about mortgage postponements.

Attack fast and conclude it fast! We are letting you know that landlords have the right to both evict and claim UNPAID RENT from your headache-causing tenant.

[Bottom disclaimer] We are letting know to landlords and tenants who are eligible for the above new California Special Eviction Law, that experienced, talented, powerful attorneys can use eviction and eviction defense to protect businesses and tenants from eviction for a long time, and use eviction defense law to lawfully live in their apartment or run their business for long time, and that the exception clause allows for immediate eviciton. And we also protect your home through Bakruptcy Law Chapters 7, 11, 13 and bankruptcy stoppage.

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