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It’s Not Just Usability
by Joel Spolsky
Monday, September 06, 2004

So a good social interface designer might say, let’s not display an error message. Let’s just pretend that the post about Viagra was accepted. Show it to the original poster, so he feels smug and moves on to the next inappropriate discussion group. But don’t show it to anyone else.
Social interface design is still a field in its infancy. I’m not aware of any books on the subject; there are only a few people working in the research side of the field, and there’s no organized science of social interface design. ………

Over the next decade, I expect that software companies will hire people trained as anthropologists and ethnographers to work on social interface design. Instead of building usability labs, they’ll go out into the field and write ethnographies.

kathy.lee :: portfolio
msn messenger whiteboard
SI 622 evaluation of systems and services

» created personas and scenarios to frame our evaluations
» fielded a survey to explore the competitive marketplace for IM applications as well users’ mental models
» conducted a cognitive walkthrough and heuristic evaluation of the drawing and collobration tools

mitupv exchange
an online cultural and educational exchange

the project’s largest payoffs came from involving the users. We conducted brainstorming sessions with the students to define functional requirements and tailored the development schedule to allow for ample user testing.