notes while walking with the MCSG prez at 3am on monday morning, december 2004

the college president should be elected democratically. stakeholders: pay money and receive money.

forget shit all the time. school never had an archivist. library sci structures

have students do stuff, observe.

money is an asset -> quality

which depts are diff

dichotomies -> overpopulation of dichos

Franklin Adler -> logographic everyone

students are whipped dogs of the society

people say things they don’t believe

in 20 years, MCSG may be forced to move

cannot take Macalester’s perpetual hipocrisy. if you read the literal words of publications, etc.. even in the essen may be a chance mission statement, because who will stand up and say

limin. talk to people before lb

assessment mike not doing well

LB student govts – dangers

not enough time

"our plot"

10 min saying mike’s unfit for governing, not w/me etc

2min having mike apolegetic

3 harsh questions

– competent?

– support for ideas?

_ what did you want to do?

when you need to do? but we elected you to bring your ideas. what should want to "meet" how far have you come? 






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