revolutionary trotskyists supporting state intervention?

there were at least 5 groups sellings newspapers and handing out flyers at tonight’s gulf coast resistance movements solidarity fundraising.. wow. One guy handed me this flyer about an event this saturday afternoon (Rally to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, Lynne Stewart, and Assata Shakur, Imma Presb Church 4pm) and I heard Mumia’s name before, probably from Joy James or andrè carrington. I felt so sorry to the white dude talking to me while I was skimming the flyer and thinking about where I had heard of Mumia, because he was going 180km/h about communism and revolutionary internationalism and the prisons and this and that and I was paying scanty attention.. but sir, you need to wait a bit while I’m not looking at you! Anyway, towards the end of it I heard something to the order of the USSR communist experiment having failed because it had stayed isolationist, satisfied at the revolution within the nation (Stalin’s line), so I commented, “but on the other hand they relied too much on state power to bring about the revolution”, and he went on about states being necessary to fend off imperialist aggression, so I asked him if he belonged to CPUSA, and he goes no, they betrayed the revolutionary marxist analysis a while ago, so maybe it’s a branch of the SWP? and he goes no, we split from them a while ago.. so who are these guys? and how can trotskyists or any branch thereof argue in favor of state-based defense against imperialism?






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