chacha: where can I find my brown fur green necktie teddy bear?

Status: Connecting …
Status: Looking for a guide …
Ring: …
Ring: …
Status: Connected to guide: Kimberly(56105)
You: hi, please help me
You: this is the picture of the teddy bear

Kimberly(56105): Welcome to ChaCha!
Kimberly(56105): looking now…
You: thanks so much
Transfer: You are being transfered to another guide who can help you search even better!
Status: Looking for a guide …
Ring: …
Ring: …
Status: Connected to guide: Janet(60803)
Janet(60803): Welcome to ChaCha!
You: hi janet, I really need your help
Janet(60803): hello
You: i lost my teddy bear
Janet(60803): oh
Janet(60803): what can i find for you here about this?
You: this is the last picture of it
You: i just need to know where it is
You: then I’ll go get it
Janet(60803): oh
You: please help
Janet(60803): i can’t copy that
You: i don’t understand
You: what do you mean by “i can’t copy that”?
You: sniff, my teddy bear.. :(
Janet(60803): i see it now
You: it was kinda small, like two palms
Janet(60803): oh, poor thing
You: there was a baby here called Su Yon and she liked playing with it a lot
Janet(60803): oh
You: then it was gone, and Su Yon’s mom told me it’s not at her hme either
You: what should I do?
You: just help me know where it may be
Janet(60803): i don’t think I can find it for you on the internet
You: oh you don’thave to find it.. I’ll find it
You: i just need your help
You: to tell me where it could be
Janet(60803): how can I help?
You: and I can go see if it’s there
Janet(60803): oh
You: wouldn’t a search give me tips on how to find little teddy bears?
Janet(60803): maybe
Janet(60803): let me see
You: my teddy hasn’t eaten in days
You: ow
Janet(60803): Do these results help you with your search?
You: let me see
You: I searched for “lost brown fur green necktie teddy bear”
Janet(60803): oh
You: the site tells me “At this time, there is no site matching your search.”
You: mm
Janet(60803): maybe your teddy is on ebay?
You: oh no!!
You: ebay is right?
Janet(60803): it’s the second link i gave you
You: i searched for the same thing and ebay has no matching items..
Janet(60803): well that’s good
You: but why would they put my teddy bear on ebay? it’s very old and dusty
Janet(60803): no one is elling your teddy
You: so are you showing me those links to the right of the screen?
Janet(60803): i was just checking if maybe your teddy bear was kidnapped and is being sold
Janet(60803): yes
Janet(60803): how bout that one?
You: you know i’ve been looking for my teddy bear for days, and no one here has been able to help
Janet(60803): so sorry
You: no one has been able to help for days.. if you help me out i’ll be in a huge debt with chacha
Janet(60803): there is nothing here on your teddy bear except that picture
Janet(60803): i’ve searched everywhere and am an expert
You: what is this teddy bear links website?
Janet(60803): sorry
You: oh no
Janet(60803): just a link to teddy bear sites
You: what could that mean though?
You: they didn’t kidnap it
Janet(60803): maybe you could link there
You: and they are not selling it either
Janet(60803): someone there could help you
You: oh!
You: the links to the right are gone
Janet(60803): maybe another guide can find your teddy bear, try again in a bit
Janet(60803): Thank you for using ChaCha!
Status: Session ended.






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