going through ArcGIS training http://www…

going through ArcGIS training

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method: quantile N/4, natural breaks (discovers patterns), baseline: use mean as bottom level, then do manual.

q: can baseline be mixed with other methods? (quantile/natural)?

q: could the data join process be kept without saving a new file?
no (but it seems to refresh data every time the arcmap project file is opened)

q: is it possible to export the no-matches to do further analysis? (edit in excel, etc)
-> yes

q: street relevancy?
-> the info is coded as “primary”, “residential”, which can be isolated

since the computers in the practice room were already pretty fast (pentium 4 3ghz, 2gb ram), i won’t see a speed improvement on my work computer, which means street display at anything bigger than a single county will be VERY slow. so if i want to do multi-county geocoding for a location query against a congressional district, maybe i should pass that through first and then do the match, since batchgeocode is fast and can handle the whole country

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