Min: Hey Min Yoon is online. Yongho: hey…

Min: Hey
Min Yoon is online.
Yongho: hey ming ming
Min: I like that name
Yongho: now you’ve got matching nicks
sister: nu nu
you: ming ming
i’ll do yong yong
Min: yo yo
Yongho: nope it’s gotta be yong yong
Min: okay
Yongho: sup zup ming ming
Min: what are you doing
Yongho: the same video editing from last night
Min: ooh
Yongho: i’ve got a funny still shot of your dad
Min: what does that mean yong yong?
Yongho: i’ll show ya
Min: thanks yong yong
what did you ave for dinner today
Yongho: your dad cooked fish and some funky untasty soup thing involving 간장
Min: nice!
Yongho: it was yucky
Min: where are you
Yongho: hey i’ve got the still shot http://www.flickr.com/photos/yonghokim/4071398548/
Min: what
Yongho: he was scratching his head using this thumb fingers
Min: COOL!!!
are you cold Yng Yong
Yongho: yeah i’m not feeling well
but i ate multi-vitamins!
Min: I have to go to sleep now so BYE.I’ll talk to you tommorow
Yongho: ok bye






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