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  • my thought process doesn't seem to follow a fully rational path (re blog layout)

    I like my design. A lot. In particular there are some gimmicks here and there I could use for various related (but not the same) purposes – some of them are technically possible, some of them are possible but not semantically correct (from the point of view of WordPress PHP flow) and some just don’t […]

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  • how to browse this site

    this site can be browsed in different languages. to do so, click any of the languages under “por categorías”, and onc you are in that language, you may use the « and » buttons to navigate through. 본 사이트는 여러 언어를 고를수 있습니다. 일단 “por categorías” 하단에 나오는 언어중 하나를 고르신 후 « 와 » […]

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    this is technically a blog. a lot of its entries come from and also , a large number of spanish poems and short stories ( moved over from a former website or that was no longer maintainable. also, there are records i keep for work (confidential notes are password protected.) as […]

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    explanation: above are texts posted elsewhere, linked through pingbacks. below are the search box, links to categories and monthly archive pages.