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my thought process doesn't seem to follow a fully rational path (re blog layout)

I like my design. A lot. In particular there are some gimmicks here and there I could use for various related (but not the same) purposes – some of them are technically possible, some of them are possible but not semantically correct (from the point of view of WordPress PHP flow) and some just don’t work. Yet.

On the top left corner I’ve got a position:fixed; DIV item that shows the “post” icon and “Private Notes” link (when logged in) plus the left arrow and right arrow to turn pages while browsing categories. This section is outside the loop. When viewing individual posts, I would like these arrows to instead function as the next post, previous post links (and have the post title as ALT) that currently sit on the bottom of the left column, which are kind of ugly right now.

Also, I would like a tiny print icon for printing mode, when the post is a “paper” category. (shows an alternate CSS set with double spacing etc, which I used for actual papers later in my senior year)

But both features need to lie within the loop.

One way of making it work would be handling separate sidebar.php files depending on is_single() but that will be a heck lot of work, and most importantly, it’s not elegant and any changes in the future will cost tons of time.


english methodology


english methodology

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english methodology

how to browse this site

this site can be browsed in different languages. to do so, click any of the languages under “por categorías”, and onc you are in that language, you may use the « and » buttons to navigate through.

본 사이트는 여러 언어를 고를수 있습니다. 일단 “por categorías” 하단에 나오는 언어중 하나를 고르신 후 « 와 » 버튼을 이용해서 옮겨다니시면 됩니다.

quick references is mostly some links for myself.

streaming links is a live feed of sites I link as I read them or mark stuff to read in the future (or to browse back, if they have useful information)

there is a guestbook under “contacts”

english methodology


this is technically a blog. a lot of its entries come from and

also , a large number of spanish poems and short stories ( moved over from a former website or that was no longer maintainable. also, there are records i keep for work (confidential notes are password protected.) as well as school work that just needs a place to be stored while i run from the dorms to the library printer. all those things are in here. i also keep a personal email archive after crashing the last backup dump, mostly password protected.

so this is a very random hodgepodge of things unrelated from one another except for the fact that i need them.

there are some works from other people up here, and i clearly specified whom it belongs to. (it’s up to you to find out how to contact them for copyright permissions, since most of the time i don’t know) unlike my work, i make no licenses regarding text produced by other people. their text may be subject to fair use standards according to u.s. copyright law. google it. i keep their works here because i occassionaly need to print it.

on the other hand, everything i write is for free, i wouldn’t mind putting it on the public domain except that i dislike commercial use, so the closest fully documented legal standard i found regarding distribution of texts was the creative commons license. all text produced by me at this blog is licensed by share alike and non-commercial use. i don’t care about attribution.

oh, and yongho kim is my real name. i would love to write a bit about myself but these days i forgot how to do that with style. those who care don’t need to be reminded here, anyways.

for the record, these are the identifiers i used in the past. note that none of these work now. in particular i use the yahoo email for spam control

formerly used, and now discarded, identifiers:

that should be it to get this started.

identifiers currently in use:

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explanation: above are texts posted elsewhere, linked through pingbacks. below are the search box, links to categories and monthly archive pages.